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Thermoplastic Elastomer

Thermoplastic Elastomer
Thermoplastic Elastomer
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Product Description

For Daily Essentials Electric, Manual Tools:

TPE has smoother surface and renders great plasticity and can either be molded or used to coat products for increasing comfort along with increased functionality. This helps in giving the resultant product freedom to be designed in any manner and add the value to it which is appreciated by numerous end buyers. This can be used for making accessories for luggage, pen loops, folding bowls, showers, gaskets, cookware handles, suction cups and many more.

  • OSR-E1 includes hardness series of OA-100A which render smooth finishing, high tensile strength and capability of withstanding adverse weather condition. These are also used for separating injection molding and acts as a high performance for packing plastic PE or PP.
  • OSR-E2 includes series 30A-85A that have reinforced type injection molding made of glass and nylon fiber having double colors.
  • OSR-E3 involves hardness series of 30A-85A, PET and ABS/PC including injection molding of double color, resistivity against abrasion, scratch weather conditions, chemicals by rendering high strength and smooth finishing.

For Children, Pet Toys And Profile:

TPE is extremely soft to handle, highly transparent in nature, have excellent tensile strength and render great flexibility due to which this elastomer is easy to color for producing colorful toys for children. The aforementioned properties help designers to transform their imagination into beautiful and captivating toys which are loved by children with a one look. Being non-toxic in nature, toys made using this raw material are safe for children and pets and won't have any adverse effect on their health. This is an excellent material which replaces PVC and find usage for manufacturing dolls.

  • OSR-T1: This involves series hardness of OA-100A, mainly used for SEBS and sanitary products because of their smooth finishing, high tensile strength, excellent resistance to weather conditions. The mentioned material is also used for making plastic bags with PP.
  • OSR-T2: The mentioned material include series of hardness 20A-80-A, SBS material, because of their high transparency level and elasticity, the products made using this material are best for indoor use.

For Sanitary, Sports Products, Membrane Roofing:

TPE offers soft tactility which can be used in accordance with the engineering principle related to human body that helps in increasing the design flexibility of the final product. Moreover, it helps in making the resultant products captivating and fashionable can improve the lifestyle by making life healthier and more comfortable. This material is used for making handles, sticky mats, cup pad, toilet water stop valve, yoga mats, pedal pad, shock pad, road pavements, elastic massage ball, fitness equipment, cable machine, running tracks and many more.

  • OSR-S1: This includes series of hardness 30A-85A which is highly demanded for encapsulating PET and PC/ABS because of high-cost performance.
  • OSR-S2: It includes hardness OA-100A, capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, smooth finishing, tensile strength for packing plastic PE, PP or individual injection molding.

For Footwear Soles & Blocks:

TPE: The soles made using this material are comfortable to use and highly durable because these can easily absorb shock, render flexibility and resistivity against slippery surfaces. These can give foot proper space and helps in reducing impact for protecting the effect of physical therapy.

  • OSR-DE1 This series of hardness 50-A-80A, is a specialized material which is perfect for making footwear sole, rendering elasticity, translucent color, etc.
  • OSR-SST1:  The series include hardness 30A-50A, which is an ideal choice for making straps, transparent sole, micro cellular sheets, rendering elasticity, resistance to slippery surfaces, corrosion and wear so that it makes the foot comfortable.

For Electrical And Electronic Accessories, Wire And Cable:

TPE appears elegant and has excellent electrical, mechanical and physical properties. The material is widely used in many electronic and electrical products such as keys, cable connectors, shell, cable sheath joints and mouse wheel.

  • OSR-C1: This includes a series of flame retardants such as hardness 50A-100A, which is a low smoke and environment friendly halogen with 158 standard VW-1 flame retardant level. It has great  insulating performance
  • OSR-C2: The series include hardness 50A-100A, which has greater tensile strength, no rough finish and various others. These properties make them ideal for extrusion molding of top quality products.

For Sealing Strip Products:

TPE find usage in various automotive sealing of windows and doors of buildings because of their thin and thick walled mouth has great forming and deforming properties, can be easily compressed at low temperatures and excellent molding strength.

OSR-W1: Sealing strip with hardness 30A-65D are highly demanded due to its resistance to weather conditions, low compression and great form-ability properties.

TPE Used for:

  • Cookware Handle
  • Pen Loops
  • Folding Bowls
  • Suction Cups
  • Gaskets
  • Shower
  • Manual Tools
  • Children Toys
  • Pet Toys
  • Sanitary Products
  • Membrane Roofing
  • Sticky Mat
  • Cable Machine
  • Yoga Mat
  • Insoles
  • Fitness Equipments
  • Pedal Pad
  • Elastic Massage Ball
  • Shock Pd
  • Running Tracks
  • Road Pavements
  • Key
  • Mouse Wheel
  • Cables
  • Cable Connectors
  • Cable Sheath Joints & Skin
  • Sealing Strip Products
  • Footware Soles & Blocks