Thermoplastic Elastomer
Macromolecule in Plastic offers design flexibility and comes with simplified processing. It works as a result-oriented product for the plastic markets. Providing progressive & sustainable procedure solutions, it improves the effectiveness and performance of plastics. Moreover, its utilization in plastic also enables it to show prodigious resistance against ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure etc.
We offer a large variety of organic & inorganic pigments. These are developed to provide desirable properties such as permanence and stability. They are used for many industrial applications, and in arts as well. Pigments are essentially utilized for coloring paint, plastic, and other materials. We are known to offer a comprehensive range, covering general purpose as well as high performance grades. We are a major pigment producer in India, and serving the global markets. Also, we meet excellent manufacturing & industrial standards. Our expertise and sophisticated facilities allow us to provide solutions for many technical challenges. Most importantly, we keep up with environmental and safety performance.
Calcium Carbonate Powder
Calcium Carbonate Powder is a chemical compound or a common substance that is found in rocks as the aragonite and minerals calcite. It is the main component of shells, pearls and of marine organisms. The main utilization of this chemical substance is in the construction industry, where it is utilized either as a limestone aggregate, an ingredient of cement or as a building material.
Foaming Agents Azodicarbonaide
Foaming Agent Azodicarbonamide is utilized in synthetic leather, plastics and other industries as well. It can be modified or pure and is also accessible with simplified processing. The main utilization of this product is in the production of foamed plastics wherein it works as a blowing agent. This also works as a food additive as well as a blowing agent.
Talc Powder
We offer Talc Powder, which is also known as off-white powder. Basically, it is a common metamorphic mineral that is found naturally all around the world. It comes under the category of softest and stratified minerals, which has a kindred structure to pyrophyllite. Relatively inert, it is virtually insoluble in weak acids, water and weak bases.
Calcite Minerals
Calcite is a carbonate mineral that is most stabilized polymorph of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It has a wide assortment of applications, such as soil stabilization, concrete mending and soil remediation. In its natural occurrence, it can also be found in spectacular form. It can be either melted by groundwater or precipitated via groundwater. It can be easily blended with most types of acid.
Zinc Stearate Superflow
Offered Zinc Stearate Superflow is a specific accumulation of stability, lightness and melt transparency. It is accessible with better dispersion in the base polymer and is applicative for rubber & EVA sheets as an internal lubricator useful for dusting. It is also used for coating on chemicals and is resistant to moisture.
China Clay
China Clay is a fine soft white clay, which is naturally founded in soils and is developed from the procedure of chemical weathering. Also named as white clay, this is remarkably used in ceramics on account of its high fusion temperature and white burning. Appropriate for the manufacturing of refractories, porcelain and white-wares, it is also used as shaping as well as extender agent.
Blowing Agents
Offered Blowing Agent is a particular substance that is efficiently capable of making a cellular composition via a foamy procedure in an assortment of materials. It is a reactive additive, which liberates gases during the process of thermoplastics. The agent comprehends a wide assortment of applications including buildings, automobiles, refrigerators, packaging, furniture etc.
Synthetic Rubber
Synthetic Rubber is any processed elastomer, which is primarily polymer synthesized from byproducts of petroleum. Similar to natural rubber, it has wide applications in door and window profiles, automotive industry for tires, hoses, matting, belts etc. Analogous to other polymers, it is prepared from different petroleum-based compounds. It is made of raw materials traced from petroleum, coal or oil, and is nearly indistinguishable to natural rubber.
Speciality Polyblend Compound
We offer Specialty Polyblend Compounds, which are applicative for coatings, electronics & communications, footwear, medical, plastics, textiles, automotive, closures etc. These compounds provide excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, and fats. Helpful in non-vulcanized applications as well, these are offered with precise formulation, stability and can be plainly amalgamated without chemical bonds.